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SciEcon CIC

SciEcon CIC is an NPO registered in the UK. SciEcon exists to:

  • Cultivate an integrated talent of researcher, engineer, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and beyond
  • Nurture leadership through focusing on interdisciplinary research, the interplay between teaching, research, and practice, and conversation between intellectuals
  • Host educational events such as interdisciplinary seminars, symposiums, conferences for a hub of global students, researchers, scholars, practitioners, and beyond


SciEcon CIC Logo

Our Philosophy

A wise person shall not be confined by her work and profession. At SciEcon, we gather together talents for dialogue, scientific research, education, and incubation in an open and inclusive way. We explore the mysteries of the universe, the subtleties of history, the trends of economic development, the advancement of science and technology, the versatility of humanities, and the profoundness of philosophy, for the sake of life, for the people, for the sages of the past, and for the sake of peace.

—Prof. Dr. Yulin Liu

Our Programs

SciEcon has 6 Signature Programs in light of east and west philosophy including SciEcon Sustainability, Supertalent, Insights, Creation, Resources, and Lab Incubator Program. We create at the intersection of academic disciplines and industry practices. We develop scientific methodology to solve the problem of economics. We host intellectual conversation that inspires both profound insights and practical impacts. We gather global scholars to partake in the dear delight of east and west philosophy. The master said, “Virtue is not left to stand alone. He who practices it will have neighbors.” We are in this, all together!

―Inaugural Programs Address by Prof. Luyao Zhang


SciEcon hosts events to spotlight intellectual conversations for pioneers in academia and industry. Our event include AMA interviews, seminars, symposiums, conferences, and beyond. We create event documentaries and creative films as part of industry 4.0 Open Educational Resource (OER) publication initiatives.


SciEcon Resources is to collect and share useful research and innovate resources, not only for reference and use within SciEcon but also for communication and sharing with all researchers and industry experts. Both the members at SciEcon CIC and also the public audience can share, upload, and use the recourses in SciEcon Resources Database. SciEcon E-Board is responsible to review and approve the newly added content in the database on a regular basis.

About Us

Please check this page for more details.

SciEcon Hub

Feel free to join our community on multiple platforms to partake in and contribute to intellectual conversation ever since and ever after.

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